Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The ballpoint pen by Telmo and Lucia

The scary castle by Eider

This story takes place in Keir, Scotland,but it stars near a primary school, in a park. The main character of this story is called James. He lost a bet, so he had to be brave and go in to the forbidden scary castle. He gets in to the castle, the challenge was to stay in the place for more than 2 hours. He got in pushing the door, but when he walked some steps the door closses and he wet Nobody was in the castle, he was alone. He was calm, finally he can get out of castle, but the door was closed... he get out from the window to the floor. When he came back to the park he was famous because he was the bravest person of the city because he  hashad been in to he scary castle.

mo by Alejandra and Waleska